The therapeutic power of caresses


There is a part of our body always in sight, those two lively companions with whom we work, we wash and express ourselves … hands. By caressing someone with your hands, we develop that magical language through which we can communicate with that person and take care of it.  

The therapeutic power of caresses

According to several studies reported by the American Journal of Psychiatry , caresses are meaningful therapeutic gestures, expressions that exert greater power over us than many other drugs. A hug, a hand that caresses the face or the back favor the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can relax the body that represents, therefore, a great defense against sadness and depression.

These positive stimuli we receive from our peers are so important that we should all take them into consideration: they influence our emotional maturity and our evolution as people.

Let’s take an example. There are numerous reports on children and girls without families who unfortunately have been forced to live in orphanages, where poverty, poor social attention and marginalization have left their mark and influenced their growth. These are children who stop crying only because they lose hope that someone will take care of them, children who sometimes arrive at the age of adolescence with neurotic disorders, suffering from forms of maladjustment in relation to the environment in which they live. or developing personality problems. All of this has even greater weight if we compare it with people who have had a happy childhood, where physical contact and caresses have played an important role.

Taking babies or skin-to-skin contact are fundamental aspects of their emotional and social development. It is something we can not forget: gestures of affection, like hugs or the simple contact of a hand, facilitate the liberation and expression of shared emotions and feelings. Furthermore, they allow you to gain more self-confidence and are a demonstration not only of affection, but also of attention and care.

The caresses to relieve stress

Human contact has a clear calming effect, it is a sweet comfort that makes us feel integrated and reaffirmed. If a person does not receive any physical contact, he can bite into a tunnel of sadness and isolation and it is very easy for him to fall into depression. This can happen to all ages: children who feel abandoned, couples who lack physical and emotional contact and who gradually lose the bond that binds them to leave, elderly people lacking significant stimuli that give them affection or understanding … The examples are many and the base from which we start is always the same: we become the people we are thanks to contact, affection, compassion, sweetness, simple gestures of giving and receiving.

Sometimes even animals make us feel important with their behavior. We think of our pets, dogs or cats, that when we get home they are always there waiting for us to be near or crouch at our feet. Somehow they force us to caress them with their hands and show us their sincere affection without asking questions or asking for explanations … as if the most important thing in the world was simply that, feeling loved. Feel a caress.